The WEE Learn curriculum provides a framework that our teachers use to help their students grow and develop as Jesus did—in “wisdom and stature” and “in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52).  A child’s growth and development is viewed as a process, not an event.  Physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual development is interrelated.  WEE Learn curriculum is developed around themes which provide opportunities for two-year old children to learn about God, Jesus, the Bible, the church, self, family, others, and the natural world.  Experiences which encourage physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual development are included under each theme topic.

Learning Centers

Learning Centers include experiences that are designed to meet the child’s physical, social, mental and spiritual needs.  The child is immersed in purposeful learning experiences.  For example, a child develops visual concepts by seeing print.  Labels and pictures are used throughout the day in all centers.  The teachers at First Baptist Christian School view themselves as facilitators who model and demonstrate learning skills to the children.  Numerous opportunities are provided for practicing skills within authentic, real-life experiences.  A child determines the aspects of a task that he/she will practice, the length of practice, and the pace of the activity.  Our teachers model essential aspects of the task until the child feels comfortable in pursuing the task independently.  Learning Centers allow for variation in rate of progress and learning style for each child.  The children are given opportunities to share and perform what they have learned in an environment that is safe, secure and supportive.  Every child succeeds through individual and group guidance and assistance.