The children in the 4 Year Preschool (Pre-K) class will turn five years old during the year.  Pre-K students are bundles of energy and overflow with chatter and activity.  They are busy practicing self-confidence and have a growing need for independence.  The FBCS learning environment is made enjoyable by integrating sights, sounds, touch, taste, and smells into the classroom.  Children develop visual acuity during their early years.  Their perception of objects, movements and print is expanded as they have opportunities to experience visual images.  Interesting visual stimulation draws a young child to examine a painting on the wall or recognize a drawing he/she has completed. Music and sound patterns stimulate parts of the brain as they listen to the auditory environment.  Music has a positive influence on the moods and emotions of children.  Smell can influence mood as the brain can distinguish tiny variations in odors.  Scents in the classroom keep children alert and boost memory.


Bible Time

Bible time is the most important part of the school day.  It is the first subject that is taught each day at FBCS and is the most interesting subject.  The A Beka Bible curriculum provides a successful method for presenting the Bible through the story telling of the Old and New Testaments.  The Bible lesson flows from the Word of God through the heart, soul and mind of the children.  Bible time includes pledges to the American and Christian flags, patriotic songs, hymns and choruses, memory verses, prayer time, and Bible lessons.  The curriculum features traditional hymns and choruses the children enjoy learning.


Phonics and Reading

Phonics refers to correspondence between letters and sounds or how letters represent sounds.  Phonics tasks involve print.  Phonological and phonemic awareness tasks are oral.  Phonological awareness activities are woven into regular classroom activities.  Using the simple logical phonics system, children in Pre-K 4 can learn to read.  Using the phonics pages in the A Beka curriculum book ABC-123, they begin mastering the vowels and consonants and their sounds through enjoyable classroom teaching.  Forming blends and reading simple words begin to come naturally.  During second semester, the children continue learning phonics and start reading aloud in reading circles.  Small colorful books give them incentive to work hard in reading.  The phonics and reading learned in Pre-K help FBCS children in the following years as they expand their knowledge in many areas.



Pre-K students at First Baptist Christian School are excited to learn to write.  First, they learn to write each of the small letters of the alphabet.  Then, they find that it is easy to join most of the letters and that they can write blends and words. Later, many of the major capital letters are introduced along with other tall letters. Sample letters help children see the formation of the letters.  Letter houses in curriculum workbooks help aid the children in letter placement.



In Pre-K at FBCS, students learn to recognize and understand the concepts of numbers.  By the end of the academic year, they will be able to count from 1 to 100, recognize 1-20, distinguish before and after numbers, and answer simple combinations.  As they begin to learn arithmetic, Pre-K students need to see as well as hear what is being taught so that they can move from concrete ideas to more abstract arithmetic concepts taught in the upper grades at FBCS Elementary School.  The various A Beka materials and textbooks provide strong visual support for these concepts.  Students receive additional practice with the ABC-123 numbers and phonics workbook.


Skills Development, Activity Time, Language Enrichment

During Skills Development, FBCS Pre-K students learn visual perception skills, motor coordination, and listening/thinking skills.  During Activity Time, they enjoy music, art, and unit studies.  During Language Enrichment, they learn about positional words and opposites, rhyming words, drama, and poetry.  They also have the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas.