The WEE Learn curriculum includes age-appropriate experiences for spiritual development.  It seeks to develop the whole child according to Luke 2:52: ďAnd Jesus increased in wisdom (mental), and in stature (physical), and in favor with God (spiritual), and man (social and emotional).Ē  This biblically based curriculum provides an opportunity to begin learning how to live as Godís creation in Godís world according to Godís creative design.


Comfort is the major concern of infants.  When a baby is comfortable and secure, he/she develops the use of eyes, head, neck and shoulders. Infants enrolled in FBCS learn to reach for objects, to grasp and hold objects, to drop objects, and finally learn to transfer objects from one hand to the other.  Infants show interest in human faces, eyes, bright objects and their own image in a mirror.  Infants smile, wiggle with excitement when talked to, played with, or smiled at.  Our infants get a lot of attention and cuddling because of the  low FBCS staff-infant ratio.  Spiritual characteristics of infants include responding to soft music, a quiet voice, and loving care.  They are learning to trust and respond with contentment and to delight to happy times.


Toddlerhood is the stage during which a child is learning competence in many skills, particularly in walking, climbing and running.  Toddlers develop the use of their large muscles in their arms and legs.  They walk and climb clumsily, run stiffly, jump with both feet, and fall often.  The FBCS curriculum helps the students begin to show interest in simple Bible truths in songs, stories, pictures and books.  They learn to respond with pleasure to the names of God and Jesus.